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OpenGL in Android

Submitted by Punit Gadenkanahalli (@punitmg) (proposing) on Thursday, 22 September 2011

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Improving UI of Android apps using OpenGL


Introduction to OpenGL. How OpenGL can be used in Android.

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  • 2
    Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 7 years ago

    @Puneet, Bhaskar : what are you guys looking for exactly ? OpenGL provides hardware accelerated rendering. Standard UI stuff can be accelerated without usage of OpenGL.

    More details would be useful. Who knows, I could well propose a talk. I have used OpenGL since 1999, am glad to see it still being relevant, and well - I hope many old tricks still apply in the handheld world !

    • 2
      Bhaskar teja Yerneni (@prudhviy) 7 years ago

      @shree It would be interesting giving a talk + interactive demo of apis available in opengl es 2.x. Something like for getting started with opengl apis so that we can easily put forward our animation thoughts into code.

      • 1
        Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 7 years ago

        @bhaskar : thanks for that input. ES 2.x is somewhat more complicated to explain to beginners (from an OpenGL perspective); I'll see what I can squeeze in.

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    Bhaskar teja Yerneni (@prudhviy) 7 years ago

    hopefully opengl es 2.x

  • 1
    Subrahmanya Somayaji M (@somayajisubs) 7 years ago

    Waiting for this... :)

  • 1
    Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 7 years ago

    @all : I have added a talk proposal. Please add your comments & requests there.

  • 1
    Punit Gadenkanahalli (@punitmg) Proposer 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    @all: I am sorry for not following up the proposal. I have not worked on OpenGL , although I am very interested in learning it, hence the proposal. Now that Mr. Shree Kumar has proposed to take up this topic I request everyone who voted +1 to this topic to vote +1 his proposal "OpenGL in Android" ( http://funnel.hasgeek.com/droidcon/88-opengl-in-android ). I will contact the organizers and get this post deleted.

    • 1
      Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 7 years ago

      @Punit : There are currently two talk proposals on this. One is from me, and another from Tamilharasan Chandran (http://funnel.hasgeek.com/droidcon/94-introduction-to-opengl-in-android). I have a couple of other talk proposals as well, and I would be more than happy to see Tamil do the talk.

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