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Building Cross Platform Apps in C# & Visual Studio

Submitted by Nish (@nishanil) on Friday, 9 August 2013

Section: Systems Technical level: Beginner


Demonstrate how to architect a cross-platform application to maximize code re-use and deliver a high-quality native experience on all of the main mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. See how Xamarin makes the cross platform development possible natively!


Rarely does a developer have the luxury of building mobile apps for a single mobile platform. The fact is, the smartphone and tablet space is dominated by three big platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. Traditionally this means using each platform’s provided technology and SDK, i.e. Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and .NET for Windows.

Most cross-platform mobile toolkits fall short in this space because they provide a lowest-common-denominator experience and prevent developers going “to the metal” on any given platform.

With Xamarin, however, this limitation does not exist. Not only do you get a single, modern language (C#) and framework (.NET) across all three platforms, but you also get a native experience on each, with code running as a native peer with direct access to the underlying SDK and device metal, including platform-specific UI and device capabilities.


Knowledge of C# a plus!

Speaker bio

Nish is a C# fanatic and has been writing softwares for web & windows platforms for almost a decade now. He is a Microsoft MVP in IE and had been advocating on client side MVC frameworks over a year. He joined Xamarin few months ago as their first developer evangelist for India! His job includes spreading C# & Xamarin love by helping developers build 100% native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8. Xamarin’s mission is to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps. You can follow his adventures on twitter @nishanil 



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