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Mobile Application Automated Testing with IBM Rational Test Workbench

Submitted by Ashish Mathur (@ashishmathur) on Thursday, 29 August 2013

Section: Systems Technical level: Intermediate


This presentation and demo will describe how mobile test automation is done with IBM Rational Test Workbench in a considerably effortless manner and how regression testing can be performed in a consistent, reliable and robust way without the conventional hassles of coding and constant upkeep of test cases.


Mobile application testing is an imperative in an agile world where the requirement is to release software and updates on the mobile as often as possible with as many new and improved features as possible. The cost of poor quality is immediate and lethal. Manual testing is becoming less of an option. Also the ability to manage this quality thru such tracking systems and be able to measure improvements is also essential. This will describe how automated tests against mobile applications are created, edited, maintained and executed.


There is really no requirement on part of the participants. The demonstration will show mobile testing against a sample application provided by IBM. However, if the participant desires, they can get their own android application to the forum and we can demonstrate mobile application testing against their application outside of the presentation for a live feel for the process.

Speaker bio

Ashish Mathur is a Development Architect for Quality Management and Test Automation Tools from IBM Rational and spent the last two decades building these capabilities that include Rational Test Workbench, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester etc. His passion and current focus is on building Mobile Automation Testing capabilities.





  • Aravind Krishnaswamy (@arg0s) 5 years ago

    @Ashish - this looks interesting. Would you be interested in running a deeper dive hands on workshop separate from the talk? Taks are typically 45 minutes long and workshops are 90-120 minutes. Just propose another session as a workshop and spell out a breakout of all the things you will cover and what the takeaways will be. Thanks!

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