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App Store optimization, increase your apps play store ratings

Submitted by Pranay Airan (@pranayairan) on Thursday, 26 September 2013

Section: Business Technical level: Intermediate


With nearly 1 million apps in google play store and thousands of new apps being added daily, it became very difficult to get your app discovered. With large companies spending thousands of $$$ on marketing, there are very few options left for small or indie developers to make there applications visible.

In this session we will see some of the techinques in which we can optimize our google play store listing and in turn increase the overall rating and downloads of the app.


Often you find applications with bad UI/UX getting 1000's of downloads, apps which looks like 90's website topping the trending charts, have you ever wondered how this app becomes so popular ??, have you wondered how people discover your applications ??

With more than 7 applications in marker place, i faced immense challenge in getting my apps discovered and increasing download.

Taking this challenge forward, i started searching for newer ways in which i could improve my app discoverability. During my quest of increasing downloads of my apps, i discovered different tools, tips and tricks which others are using to improve there app visibility.

With more than 63% of app discovery happening through search (ref: http://goo.gl/zEU4Ha) it becomes very essential to optimize your google play store listing.

In this session we will go through few of the tips and tricks and see how free and paid tools can help in optimizing the app store listing.


To get most out of this session, it is essential that you have 1 or 2 apps in marketplace, this way you can take learnings from this session and apply it on your apps.

Even if you don't have any apps in marketplace, but you are planning to launch 1 soon this session can help you in optimizing your play store listing.

Speaker bio

I work in Intuit as software engineer, creating web and mobile apps.

I love to code apps and talk about it, i also helps Bangalore Android User Group as Assitant organizer. I have more than 7 apps in play store and have given talks on different things in Android at meetup, barcamp and droidcon etc. I also help college students in learning android.

More details on : in.linkedin.com/in/pranayairan‎



  • Aravind Krishnaswamy (@arg0s) 5 years ago

    Pranay, can you also provide links to some of your play store listings which are search optimized in the links section as a reference point? Thanks.

  • Benjamin CHAPUZET (@addengo) 5 years ago
  • Daniel Peris (@danielperis) 5 years ago

    Hi Pranay!

    We have developed a free tool that allow developers and agencies preview APp Store listings / page views: icon, App name, description, screenshots…

    It’s unique (I think :P) and free: http://AppSnippetPreview.com

    Please, give it a try and, iff possible, send feeback!

    Best regards

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