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Android Powered Device for Physically challenged peoples

Submitted by Srinivasan Selvaraj (@srinivasan-negits) on Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Section: App Demos Technical level: Beginner


A innovative solution using existing technology.
Smart Device Plays in smart ways but needs a trigger thats done here.


This technology will make human life comfortable by providing services for people with disability. Technology product ranging from motorized wheel chair to cell phone for disabled people to communicate has been making life of PWD (People with Disability) simpler and convenient.As per census, 21.9 million or 21,906,769 people are disabled in India and out of the 21,906,769 people with disabilities, 12,605,635 are males and 9,301,134 are females. As per WHO , on an average around 10 per cent of the world population is disabled and this number is likely to increase due to different factor. We Focus to make them a sophisticated move without considering them as PWD. In this hacknight we can provide a good solution with innovation. And will wait for a smart smiles on their faces.

Speaker bio

Srinivasan Selvaraj, Software Engineer at Negits Solutions Chennai. Participated in more than Ten Statelevel and National Level Technical Symposium and awarded as Best Performer and Innovator for Seven times.Keeping a keen interest in bringing innovative solution for PWD(People With Disabilities).Great track records in Android Application Development and Porting.




  • arjun kanna (@arjuncmr) 5 years ago

    Good to go..All the best.

  • Raj Kumar (@raj171189) 5 years ago

    really Inovation … Awesome!!

  • Nareshdvm ........... (@nareshdvm) 5 years ago

    Good eager to see.... intrested

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