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Making casual 2d games with LUA script

Submitted by Aditya Kulkarni (@adityakulkarni) on Saturday, 19 October 2013

Section: Games Technical level: Intermediate


We talk about building a 2d game together using lua from scratch and deploy it on an android device.


Lua is a cross platform scripting language which is used to expose the underlying core functions of an engine.

We will understand the fundamentals and learn to code and publish a 2d casual game for the android platform, one small step at a time.

Speaker bio

Aditya Kulkarni is a Computer Engineer and has a keen interest in software development methodologies. Learning a new language or technology fascinates him.

He is the founder of Loon Games, a startup in the casual game development space.


  • Ravi Korukonda (@ravikorukonda) 5 years ago

    Aditya, Lets connect on skype to discuss about your talk?
    btw..I take care of gaming track for droidcon.

    • Ravi
      skype: korukondaqa

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