Droidcon India 2013

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Using ContentProvider to develop Android SDKs

Submitted by Kush Sharma (@kushshar) on Friday, 25 October 2013

Section: Systems Technical level: Intermediate


At the end of the session an Android Developer should be able to understand when, why and how to use ContentProvider in Android. Finally, the developer should be able to understand how they can use ContentProvider to build an Android SDK for an existing backend.


The session is divided into following parts.

  1. How ContentProvider works? How is it being used currently in some of the default Android apps?
  2. When should you choose to use ContentProvider? More importantly, when should you stay away from it?
  3. How to use ContentProvider using an existing server backend? This part will involve demonstration by writing a basic ContentProvider implementation and a light app communicating with ContentProvider.
  4. How can you package ContentProvider seperately and provide that to others to build apps on top of it?


A participant should know how to use Cursors in Android. The whole concept of ContentProvider will build on top of that.

Speaker bio

I'm currently a Lead Engineer at MobStac and have worked on building the Android SDK for our platform to support Android Apps. The SDK is currently in use in all the apps based on our platform that are currently available on Play Store.


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