by Abhisek Devkota (@ciwrl) on Thursday, 30 October 2014

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Technical level


To discuss the growth of the CyanogenMod Project and the challenges around scaling it’s unique position as both a community and a retail OS.


This talk will describe the structure, processes, and struggle in coordinating an Open platform with thousands of volunteers globally. Code, techincal merit, issue management, conflict resolution and clashes in vision all play a factor when dealing at this scale. I’ll be discussing how CyanogenMod has addressed these items for a unique view into the largest third party Android OS.

Speaker bio

Abhisek Devkota is the Senior Engineering and Community Manager for Cyanogen Inc., the company formed by the cofounders of the largest aftermarket Operating System for Android devices - CyanogenMod.

The CyanogenMod Project is an opensource distribution that is community driven and created in collaboration with volunteers around the world, with the goal to allow users to truly own their phone through customization, functionality and enhanced security over their personal data.