by Gaurav Lochan (@gauravl) on Thursday, 15 October 2015

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Consumer - Crisp talk (15 minutes)

Technical level


App developers should start thinking about the importance of Indian language support, and understand the challenges faced when doing this.


India has a problem when it comes to Language support. The first set of internet users (and to some degree, the higher ‘paying’ users) are English speaking. Yet, only 125m people in India are fluent in English, and another 225m can just about read and understand basic english.

App developers/owners face a hard decision around whether to support Indian languages, how to support them, and which ones to support. There are a handful of apps (and sites) today that truly support Indian languages.

We’ve decided to support Indian languages much bettern in our android app (and our sites). I’m going to share some of the data that helped us make this decision, some of work we are doing, and some of the open questions we are still struggling with.


Curiosity around Indian language support.

Speaker bio

I work at Facebook and focus on India.

I used to work at Little Eye Labs (which was acquired by Facebook) and prior to that, managed the mobile apps team at Flipkart.